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Archived Bids

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City Hall HVAC Upgrade (Bid #14/15-008)
Removal and replacement of the main chiller and boiler, air handler refurbishment, pipe replacement, VAV box replacement, duct replacement, rooftop unit replacement, electrical work related to the HVAC Upgrade, and a new digital control system,...Click for full detail
11/13/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Snow Removal-On-Call (Bid #RFQ 2015-0)
The City of Sparks has approved and adopted an Emergency Snow Removal and alternate Declared Emergency Incident Plan. This policy sets forth street priorities for snow removal and treatment of icy street surfaces by the City of Sparks Streets...Click for full detail
10/22/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
On-Call Electrical Maintenance (Bid #14/15-007)
The City of Sparks is seeking a highly qualified electrical contractor to inspect, install, maintain, repair, and test electrical circuits, motors, pumps, transformers, relays, and other plant electrical equipment and facilities at the Truckee...Click for full detail
10/1/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Sludge Hauling (Bid #14/15-006)
Successful bidder shall transport biomass from the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility to the Lockwood Landfill in Mustang, NV as directed by the City. The City will supply the trailers that will be leased by the successful vendor from the...Click for full detail
9/4/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Howard Drive Storm Drain Realignment (Bid #14/15-005)
Installation of 782 linear feet of 24 inch PVC storm drain piping, including excavation and backfill; storm drain manholes; abandonment of existing storm drain piping; asphalt pavement grind and overlay; utility valve and manhole adjustment; and...Click for full detail
8/21/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Mary Wahl Storm Drain (Bid #14/15-004)
Installation of 815 linear feet of 10 foot by 4 foot Reinforced Concrete Box culvert within existing Mary Wahl Ditch alignment, including excavation and backfill; storm drain manholes, catch basins, and associated piping; fencing removal and...Click for full detail
8/19/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
2015 Street Rehabilitation - Unit 1 (Bid #14/15-003)
Removal and replacement of asphalt pavements, damaged concrete, drain inlets and ADA improvements.
7/10/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
GERP Restroom and Storage Building (Bid #14/15-001)
Construction of a masonry building that will provide restroom facilities and two storage facilities at the Golden Eagle Regional Park Little League Fields, which includes grading, construction, electrical, and mechanical, along with all appurtenant...Click for full detail
6/11/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
2014 Street Rehabilitation-Unit 3 (Bid #13/14-025)
Removal and replacement of asphalt pavements, damaged concrete, drain inlets and ADA improvements.
5/29/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
800 MHz Bi-Directional Amplifier (Bid #13/14-024)
It is the desire of Sparks to engage the services of an equipment vendor to engineer and implement one or more bi-directional amplifiers to enhance radio coverage for the 800 MHz Washoe County Regional Communication System (WCRCS) for use inside the...Click for full detail
5/13/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
4th Street Sewer Rehabilitation (Bid #13/14-019)
Rehabilitation of the 4th Street Sanitary Sewer extending 2,450 ft in 4th St. and through Poulakidas Park, Lincoln Park Elementary School site and residential neighborhoods to Stanford Way, Sparks, NV, including: manhole removal and replacement; ...Click for full detail
5/7/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Sewer Model Update (Bid #13/14-023)
It is the desire of Sparks to obtain a working hydraulic model of the sanitary sewer network that is land-use based and integrated into the GIS database. Services to be provided as part of the ultimate professional services contract may include, but...Click for full detail
4/23/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
2014 Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk and Pavement Replacement-Unit 1 (Bid #13/14-017)
Replacement and rehabilitation of curb, gutter, sidewalk and paving for the purpose of rehabilitation and access improvements.
4/22/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Digester 5 Interior Coating Project (Bid #13/14-018)
The Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility Digester 5 Cover Interior Coating Project includes preparation of metal surfaces within the digester for application of a corrosion protection coating system and application of the coating system. ...Click for full detail
4/3/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Parking Garage Concession (Bid #13/14-022)
The purpose of this RFP is to identify a firm to operate a parking concession, utilizing city-owned parking garages during special events.
4/3/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
On-Call Professional Services (Bid #13/14-021)
The City of Sparks desires to establish an eligibility list of qualified consultants to provide services on an “as-needed” basis. The eligibility list shall be valid from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016 and shall be in the areas of: 1) Civil...Click for full detail
4/2/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
2014 Street Rehabilitation - Unit 2 (Bid #13/14-016)
Removal and replacement of asphalt pavements, damaged concrete, drain inlets and ADA improvements.
3/26/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Sand Filtration Project (Bid #13/14-020)
The provision of all labor, equipment and specified materials required for the complete removal and replacement of filtration media that has worn out or washed out from dual-media filtration units used at the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation...Click for full detail
3/25/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Alf Sorensen Natatorium Renovation (Bid #13/14-015)
Renovation of the natatorium in the Alf Sorensen Community Center at 1400 Baring Boulevard, Sparks, NV, including select demolition of finishes, mechanical and electrical systems, hauling and disposal of debris; construct new ceiling; modify...Click for full detail
3/5/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
2014 - 4th Street CDBG Curb, Gutter and Pedestrian Improvements-FEDERALLY FUNDED (Bid #13/14-012)
Removal and Replacement of sidewalks, curb and gutter, catch basins and driveway approaches. Installation of new accessibility ramps. Removal of existing trees and installation of new street trees. Minor asphalt patching, and traffic control as...Click for full detail
1/15/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Sodium Bisulfite (Bid #13/14-014)
All deliveries shall conform to the specification defined in the bid document. The City will require a delivery of (estimated) 400 dry tons/year. The City of Sparks will make no guarantees as to the quantities to be purchased throughout the firm...Click for full detail
1/14/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Victorian Square Amphitheater Remodel (Bid #13/14-013)
The work includes, but is not limited to clean-up of the existing Amphitheater prior to construction, installation of a new metal roof on the open areas of the Amphitheater, new metal ceiling, miscellaneous painting, new ceiling lighting, along with...Click for full detail
1/9/2014 Bid Detail & Plans
Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Services (Bid #13/14-011)
The City of Sparks is seeking proposals from qualified vendors experienced in providing, installing and configuring Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services. Our objectives include replacing our obsolete Central Exchange Lines (Centrex)...Click for full detail
12/18/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
Parks, Landscape and Facilities Maintenance (Bid #13/14-009)
The City of Sparks is seeking pricing from qualified contractors to perform citywide maintenance operations as described herein, under the general direction of City staff. Maintenance activity would include all labor, equipment and supplies...Click for full detail
12/11/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
Victorian Square Garage Elevator Upgrades (Bid #13/14-010)
Furnish all engineering, materials, labor, tools, equipment, transportation, supervision, testing, and inspections necessary to upgrade two (2) passenger elevators with micro-processor based motion controllers, new power units, new car and hall...Click for full detail
12/4/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
North Truckee Drain Realignment Phase 1 (Bid #13/14-007)
Installation of 3,314 feet of 10’x14’ parallel reinforced concrete box culvert; installation and relocation of sanitary sewer piping, lift station, and associated infrastructure; installation and relocation of storm drain piping and associated...Click for full detail
11/22/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
Methanol (Bid #13/14-008)
All deliveries shall conform to the specification set forth in ASTM D-1152/97 - Standard Specification for Methanol (Methyl Alcohol). The City will require a delivery of (estimated) 23,000 gallons/week or 1.2 million gallons/year. The City of...Click for full detail
10/9/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
2014 Permanent Patch Program (Bid #13/14-006)
The project is for the as-needed repair of street surfaces including jack hammer, saw cut, excavation, compaction, prime, patch, seal and all appurtenant work necessary of specified streets, as specified in the bid document.
8/21/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
C-Street Parking Garage Lighting Retrofit (Bid #13/14-004)
At the C Street Parking Garage - Provide all Labor, Materials, Equipment, Services and Related Accessories to Replace Existing HPS Lighting Fixtures with LED Lighting Fixtures on all floors. At the Victorian Square Parking Garage Provide all Labor,...Click for full detail
8/15/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
Sparks Sewer Cleaning (Bid #13/14-005)
The City of Sparks is seeking pricing from qualified contractors to perform routine/scheduled and emergency sanitary sewer maintenance at designated locations, under the general direction of City staff. Maintenance activity would include all labor,...Click for full detail
8/7/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
City Hall Electrical Upgrade (Bid #13/14-003)
Replace most of the existing electrical panels, replace the existing switch gear and move to new location, install new conduit and wiring, install ground rod grids, install a new generator switch outlet, remove and replace concrete for conduit...Click for full detail
7/31/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
2013 Preventative Maintenance Program (Bid #13/14-002)
Slurry seal operations on local roads, pavement markings, traffic control and public relations activities.
7/2/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
C-Street Sewer Rehabilitation (Bid #12/13-014)
The City of Sparks portion of work includes but is not limited to removal and replacement of 473 lf of 10-inch sewer main, removal and replacement of two sewer manholes, new construction of one sewer manhole, removal and replacement of two storm...Click for full detail
6/19/2013 Bid Detail & Plans
2014 Street Rehabilitation-Unit 1 (Bid #13/14-001)
Removal and replacement of asphalt pavements and damaged concrete in locations specified within the bid document.
6/18/2013 Bid Detail & Plans

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