Sparks City Council Meeting 8/27/2012 2:00:00 PM

    Monday, August 27, 2012 2:00 PM
    Sparks Council Chambers, 745 4th Street, Sparks, NV

Consent Items: 5.12

Title: Consideration and possible approval for Complement and title changes, in conjunction with the associated agenda item proposing changes to the Management, Professional and Technical Resolution, Appendix A.
Petitioner/Presenter: Shaun D. Carey, City Manager/Stephen Driscoll, CGFM, MBA, Assistant City Manager/Chris Syverson, Employee and Customer Relations Manager
Recommendation: Recommend approval to protect the financial interests of the City of Sparks and maintain vital services critical to City of Sparks operations.
Financial Impact: $167,287 to the General Fund, 1011, $116,151 to the Drains Fund, 1640, $24,811 to the Joint Treatment Fund, 5605
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief: A thorough review of specified critical services and associated staffing requirements prompts the City Manager to propose the following complement and classification changes: a. Reclassification of the salary range for TMWRF Treatment Plant Manager b. Addition of two (2) Maintenance Worker II positions c. Title change for the System Developer I/II and Systems Developer Senior to the positions of System Analyst I/II and Systems Analyst Senior d. Addition of one (1) Property Evidence Technician I/II position for the Sparks Police Department e. Addition of one (1) System Analyst Senior for the Sparks Police Department

Background: Community Services Department-Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility (TMWRF): The incumbent TMWRF Treatment Plant Manager accepted a position as Treatment Plant Manager with a different agency and tendered his resignation with the City of Sparks in July, 2012. The smooth operation of this tertiary plant is fundamental to citizens throughout the Truckee Meadows. The City seeks to recruit a talented and qualified leader that can plan, organize, direct and review the programs and activities of an advanced wastewater treatment plant and related facilities; coordinate assigned activities with other City departments, divisions and outside agencies and provide highly responsible and complex administrative support to the Deputy City Manager for Community Services. Because this is a highly specialized field, and the City of Sparks is one of only twelve (12) tier three (3) waste water treatment plants in the country, the importance of offering a competitive salary from the onset of the recruitment process cannot be understated. Community Services Department- Maintenance and Operations: The City of Sparks attempted to contract out street sweeping services. In the most recent contract period, issues were brought before the Sparks City Council regarding the relationship with the company awarded the bid, but the outcome was to allow the contracted provider to finish the contract; then for the City to seek bids for the service. However, at the conclusion of the request for proposal process, there were zero bids, thus contracting this service out is not viable. As a natural consequence, the department proposes hiring two additional Maintenance Workers to take on the responsibility of street sweeping for the City of Sparks. Sparks Police Department: The Police Department has identified two critical areas of operation that are seriously understaffed and could result in failures in operation. First, the Police Department has a highly complex web of 911-emergency dispatch hardware and software, desktops and mobile computers and phones, security, radios, and technical support for field equipment such as the bait car. In total, the Police Department’s Information Technology staff is responsible for 110 personal computers, 63 mobile digital computers, 21 servers, and 34 complex software systems. The Police Department is responsible for state and FBI reports and audits. All of these functions require support, software updates, troubleshooting, basic maintenance and monitoring and continuing education. The entire department relies upon the computer systems, and system stoppage or malfunction could be disastrous in its impact on the department and emergency services to the community. The current Police Information Technology Support Specialist Senior at the department has accepted a different position with the City of Sparks; his departure has prompted a critical review of the requirements of the position, and has brought to light the inadequacy of assigning only one person to the task based upon the complexity and sheer volume of the work, and underscored the vulnerability of operating with only one person trained and knowledgeable in the day to day computer operations at the Police Department. Second, with budget reductions, the Police Department cut its staff of three (3) property evidence technicians to one (1) in 2010. With three (3) Property Evidence Technicians, the department was able to process evidence accurately and timely, and stayed current on evidence destruction and dispositions. The technicians were also used on call-outs for evidence collection at the crime scene. Between May of 2010, when the reduction in staff occurred and now, there has been a steep decline and significant deterioration in the department’s ability to respond to attorney requests, organize and store evidence, and manage the return and/or destruction of evidence. The one (1) Property Evidence Technician receives 3,545 requests for photographs per month, 25 Seal Orders per month, and 100-400 dispositions for evidence every week. The one (1) staff member is no longer able to process the requests in a timely manner. The storage space in the Evidence Section is now very small. It is estimated that 80% of items in the Evidence storage could and should be returned to private parties or destroyed as directed by law. Furthermore, the department now only has one (1) individual trained to operate and manage the Evidence Section that houses guns, money, narcotics and other items pivotal to case outcomes. She has no backup to take leave time, or for emergencies. Proper storage of evidence and chain of custody are the cornerstones of successful prosecutions, and the department has identified a serious shortfall in staffing levels to meet the needs of the property evidence departmental function, thereby requesting your authorization to increase the staffing level.

Analysis: Community Services Department: TMWRF Plant Manager Reclassification of Compensation: A salary survey was conducted to determine the market value of the position in relation to other like positions. Special attention was given to comparing the City of Sparks salary to that of other tier three waste water plant managers with similar job requirements. As a result of the salary survey, a salary range adjustment from a minimum/maximum of $78,229 - $111,966 to a minimum/maximum of $105,560 - $135,034 is recommended in order for the City of Sparks to be competitive in the recruitment for a qualified candidate and to reflect the appropriate compensation range for this specialized position. Maintenance and Operations: Due to the inability to contract out the street sweeping services, it is now necessary for the City of Sparks to reabsorb this function, necessitating the addition of two (2) Maintenance Workers I/II to the Complement. Sparks Police Department: Computer System Requirements: The Police Department has worked closely with the City’s information technology specialists, and with the computer systems providers to identify the needs of the department and the technical requirements of the job. As a result of this thorough analysis, there are two recommendations: 1. It has been determined that there are two (2) separate functions that need to be addressed at the Police Department, and different types of work experience and qualifications apply to each distinct role. There is a need for a hardware and desktop support specialist, and separately there is a need for a software and systems specialist with the ability to assist in some network support. Therefore, the City Manager proposes utilizing the existing budgeted position for one (1) of these functions and adding one (1) position – System Developer Senior to the Police Department Complement. The existing position would handle the hardware and desktop support tasks, and the proposed System Developer Senior position would manage the complex systems, software, reporting, and assist with network support as needed. 2. Second, because the Information Technology field is currently one of the hardest to recruit for due to low unemployment levels in this industry, and; because the City desires a person with the correct background and qualifications for the position, much time and research went into the recruitment strategy. It is felt that a proper fit hinges on using the right job title to solicit appropriate candidate interest and applications; therefore various Departments jointly reviewed the job titles and functions for computer specialists both with City of Sparks positions and with regional public entities. As a result of the analysis, the City Manager proposes a title change for the current Systems Developer series (I/II and Senior) to Systems Analyst (I/II and Senior) to more accurately reflect the job requirements of the position to current employees and potential recruits. The addition of one (1) Property Evidence Technician to the Police Department Complement would allow the Evidence Department to better process evidence, manage storage and respond to the volume of requests incumbent upon the department, while also providing backup and cross training of critical departmental functions. While the staffing changes proposed represent changes and increases in current staffing levels, staff believes this is the best use of resources to maintain levels of service and prevent even greater expenditures from remaining at status quo. The overall additions proposed to the Complement are: Sparks Police Department: One (1) System Analyst Senior And One (1) Property/Evidence Technician I/II Community Services Department: Two (2) Maintenance Worker II

Alternatives: 1. The City Council may approve the item as recommended. 2. The City Council may reject the recommendation of staff. 3. The City Council may choose not to approve the staffing changes, but direct the City Manager further.

Recommended Motion: I move to approve the Reclassification of Salary for the Treatment Plant Manager position, the Job Title change from System Developer (I, II and Senior) to System Analyst (I, II, and Senior) and authorize the positions of one (1) Systems Analyst Senior, one (1) Property/Evidence Technician I/II and two (2) Maintenance Worker II positions as recommended.

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