Sparks City Council Meeting 9/28/2020 2:00:00 PM

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Title: Consideration and possible approval of a professional services contract (AC-5695) with Gensler, in the amount of $60,000, for development of a schematic design to enhance the public area adjacent to the south side of the Nugget Events Center.
Petitioner/Presenter: Community Services Department/Armando Ornelas, Assistant Community Services Director
Recommendation: Staff recommends that the City Council approve the Professional Services Contract with Gensler.
Financial Impact: $60,000 from Fund 1415 Community Support Capital Projects Fund, Currently available $100,000.
Total Costs: $60,000.00
Fund: Victorian Square Rm Tax CP Fund    Account: 604020
Program: 1415 Victorian Square - Design of Nuggest Events Center (21-2102)
Amount: $60,000.00    Budget Status: Budget Exists
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

This professional services contract is to engage the Gensler firm to develop a schematic design to functionally and aesthetically enhance the public area adjacent to the south side of the Nugget Events Center. The proposed contract amount is $60,000. 

In 2019, Marnell Gaming constructed, opened and operated the Nugget Events Center (NEC) on the block bordered by Victorian Avenue on the south, Avenue of the Oaks on the north, Victorian Plaza Circle on the west, and 10th Street on the east (refer to attached Project Area Vicinity Map). The wide sidewalk and landscaped area located between the NEC and Victorian Avenue is public right-of-way under jurisdiction of the City of Sparks (“Project Area”). The Project Area is within a part of downtown where the City is, over the course of several years, rehabilitating the streetscape, including concrete, pavers, curbs, landscaping, and street furniture such as tree planters, benches and bollards. The City is paying for these infrastructure improvements utilizing the 2.5% tax on the gross receipts from the rental of transient lodging in Sparks (“Lodging Tax”) that the Nevada Legislature approved in 2005.
Later this year, City staff will seek approval for a limited set of infrastructure improvements in the Project Area, primarily to rehabilitate deteriorating concrete and paver sections and replace tree planters. While evaluating the Project Area for this purpose, staff recognized an opportunity to enhance the functional and aesthetic qualities of this section of Victorian Avenue, which is heavily used throughout the special events and concert seasons. Specifically, staff believes that the Project Area could be substantially enhanced by the addition of shed roofs, tensile fabric canopies and/or trellis structures to provide people shade during the peak months (May – September), when temperatures are highest and this area is intensively used. The proposed project also presents an opportunity to dramatically enhance the aesthetics of the area that serves as the front entrance to the Nugget Events Center – and draw attention to Victorian Avenue – by adding decorative lighting, LED displays, the use of color, and public art.


The most appropriate source of funding for construction of this possible project is Lodging Tax proceeds. The City Council may expend these proceeds after obtaining the “advice and recommendations” of the Sparks Tourism Facility and Revitalization Steering Committee (“Committee”), which is comprised of five members, including, currently, Mayor Lawson and Councilmember Bybee. Lodging Tax proceeds must be used for projects and capital improvements that are intended to attract and expand tourism and are located in Victorian Square or elsewhere within the Town Center Redevelopment Area, if the project or capital improvement provides a direct benefit to a project or capital improvement located within Victorian Square.

The Committee is required to maintain a master plan (the “Victorian Square Master Plan”) that identifies: (a) proposed projects or capital improvements in Victorian Square, or that would provide a direct benefit to Victorian Square, that the Committee has determined would be advisable to promote tourism in Washoe County; and (b) method(s) pursuant to which the proposed projects and capital improvements identified in the plan will be financed.

A schematic design and cost estimate are necessary for asking the Committee to add this possible project to the Victorian Square Master Plan and adopt a resolution advising the City Council to expend Lodging Tax proceeds for project construction. The proposed contract engages Gensler to initially develop up to three design concepts for the Project Area. Per the scope of services (refer to Professional Services Contract, Attachment A), final deliverables would include a schematic site plan, a programming capacity study, schematic elevations, and identification of primary landscaping, ground treatment and furnishings materials for a preferred alternative. The City’s engineering staff will then utilize the schematic design to develop a cost estimate for the project.

Gensler is currently also undertaking a re-design of Victorian Square plaza that will serve as the basis for amending the Victorian Square Development Plan, a component of the Town Center Redevelopment Plan. The Gensler principal leading the the Sparks projects is Nate Cherry, who co-led the preparation of the original (2005) Victorian Square Development Plan in his previous capacity with the firm RTKL.

  1. Council can approve the contract as recommended by staff.
  2. Council could modify the terms of the contract, subject to Gensler’s concurrence.
  3. Council could reject the contract and provide direction to the City Manager.

Recommended Motion:

I move to approve professional services contract (AC-5695) with Gensler, in the amount of $60,000, for development of a schematic design to enhance the public area adjacent to the south side of the Nugget Events Center.

Attached Files:
     01 - Project Area Vicinity Map.pdf
     02- Gensler Contract-Plaza Forecourt Concepts.pdf
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