Sparks City Council Meeting 7/27/2020 2:00:00 PM

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Title: Consideration, discussion, and possible approval of a construction contract (AC-5678) for the Fire Station #1 Second-Floor Remodel Project to Truckee Meadows Construction in the amount of $90,827.
Petitioner/Presenter: John Martini, P.E., Assistant City Manager/Brian Cason, P.E., S.E., Capital Projects Manager
Recommendation: Staff recommends approval of the construction contract with Truckee Meadows Construction.
Financial Impact: $90,827. $102,205 is available in Fund 1404, Program 19-1001, Account 604070
Total Costs: $90,827.00
Fund: Capital Projects    Account: 604070
Program: 1404 City Facilities - Fire Station #1 - 2nd Floor Remodel to Add Office Space (19-1001)
Amount: $90,827.00    Budget Status: Budget Exists
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
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Agenda Item Brief:

This project provides a remodel to the second-floor administration offices within Fire Station #1, which will greatly improve efficiency and security within the existing area.  Along with wall, electrical, and HVAC modifications, there will be a new secure entry point for visitors prior to entering the office area.  Staff recommends approval of the attached contract with Truckee Meadows Construction in the amount of $90,827.


Fire Station #1 was constructed in 1982.  The facility is comprised of a basement and four floors for fire fighters and administration staff.  The second floor provides space for the Fire Chief, Fire Marshall along with their administrative staff.  The current second floor layout is very inefficient and more usable space can be developed with a remodel project.  Safety also needs to be addressed with added security.  As Sparks grows, staffing levels must also increase to adequately serve the public.  It is imperative, with any city facility, to utilize workspace as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Refer to the attached location map.


This project will remodel the existing space on the second floor, which includes moving an existing wall, adding separate office space, installation of a new security wall, new carpet, electrical, and HVAC modifications.  The new security wall will require visitors to check in prior to entering the administration office space.  An exhibit is attached that shows the existing conditions along with the new remodel conditions.

An informal quote package was sent out to three contractors on June 17, 2020.  Three (3) quotes were received at City Hall on June 26, 2020 as a result of the informal quote process.  A full recap is attached for your review.  Staff recommends award of the construction contract, based upon the lowest responsive base quote, to Truckee Meadows Construction in the amount of $90,827, which includes a force account of $4,000.  The Additive Alternate was not accepted due to budget constraints.  The contract for the project has been attached for reference.  A quote summary of the responsive quotes is shown below for your review: 

Construction Company

Base Quote

Additive Alternate

Total Quote

Truckee Meadows Construction




J & S Custom Homes




Bounder Construction dba Naisbitt Construction, Inc.




  1. City Council could approve the contract as outlined by Staff.
  2. City Council could reject the contract and provide direction to the City Manager.

Recommended Motion:

I move to approve construction contract (AC-5678) for the Fire Station #1 Second-Floor Remodel Project to Truckee Meadows Construction in the amount of $90,827.

Attached Files:
     01 - Fire Station #1 - Vicinity Map.pdf
     02 - FireStation1 Floor Plan.pdf
     03 - FS1-2ndFloorRemodel - Quote Tab.pdf
     04 - Truckee Meadows Contract-Fire 1 2nd Floor Remodel - Contract.pdf
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