Sparks City Council Meeting 11/9/2020

Announcements, Presentations, Recognition Items and Items of Special Interest: 7.8

Title: Presentation: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT): Statewide Advance Warning System Changes
Item Brief:

Nevada Department of Transportation will be presenting on Statewide Advance Signal Warning System Changes. This will provide information related to upcoming construction projects NDOT is planning on numerous existing advanced signal waring systems. NDOT is seeking to add consistency through out the state for the use of advanced signal warning systems. Updating their standards resulted in the need to update some of the advanced signal warning systems already existing. The changes may include operation changes, timing changes, and/or removal of the advanced warning system. Some systems included in their projects are within the City of Sparks.

Presenter: Samuel Ahiamadi, Laycee Kolkman, Jackie Dennis

Attached Files:
     ASWS Reno Sparks Overview Presentation 10-8-20 FINAL UPDATED.pptx.pdf
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