Sparks City Council Meeting 10/9/2017 2:00:00 PM

    Monday, October 9, 2017 2:00 PM
    Council Chambers, Legislative Bldg., 745 4th St. , Sparks, NV

General Business: 9.7

Title: FIRST READING of Bill No. 2727, an Ordinance amending Chapter 12.24 of the Sparks Municipal Code to provide principal park rules, and other matters properly related thereto.
Petitioner/Presenter: Tracy Domingues, Parks and Recreation Director/Tracy L. Domingues, Parks and Recreation Director
Recommendation: This is a First Reading. No recommendation required.
Financial Impact: None
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

The recommended amendments to Chapter 12.24 of the Sparks Municipal Code will provide principal park rules. Adopting these rules by Ordinance will ease enforcement of the rules and provide clarity to the public regarding what activities are permitted in City parks.


SMC Section 12.24.090 reads: "The director of the department of parks and recreation shall, after consultation with the parks and recreation commission and following approval by the city manager, adopt, amend or repeal such rules, consistent with the policies, objects and purposes of the city council, as he or she may deem necessary or desirable in the public interest in regulating the safe, enjoyable and equitable use of city parks. Rules pertaining to specific activity areas shall be displayed in a prominent and public location in or near such area or shall be communicated orally or in writing to program participants as circumstances require. Principal rules pertaining to an entire park shall be publicly and prominently displayed at the entrance to the city park."

Historically, principal park rules have been difficult to enforce due to not being enacted by ordinance, lack of signage, and/or availability of staff resources. However, signage referring to the Sparks Municipal Code is extremely helpful when Sparks Police Officers are dispatched to assist with non-compliant park users or when the general public wishes to assist with rule enforcement. Upon the City Council’s approval of the recommended amendments, staff would create new signage to be prominently displayed at park entrances. The eventual goal is to place signage at every park, but those parks with the highest volume of park users, such as Golden Eagle Regional Park, Pah Rah Park, Shadow Mountain Park, Sparks Marina Park, and Deer Park, will be prioritized.


The following park rules are already enacted in the Sparks Municipal Code or the Washoe County Code:

  • Park Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.                     SMC 12.24.030
  • Dogs must be on a leash                                     WCC 55.100
  • Pick up after your dog                                          WCC 55.130
  • Alcohol prohibited                                                SMC 5.28.165
  • Discharge of B-B guns prohibited                        SMC 9.66.010
  • Discharge of firearms prohibited                          SMC 9.66.020
  • Unauthorized motor vehicles prohibited               SMC 12.24.020
  • Excessive noise prohibited                                   SMC 12.24.080
  • Fires prohibited                                                     SMC 12.24.050
  • Camping prohibited in city parks                           SMC 12.24.040
  • Camping prohibited within 300' of river                 SMC 9.48.030

Additional rules recommended for codification include the following:

  • Inflatables prohibited in city parks                                        
  • Archery prohibited without a permit in city parks                     
  • Golfing prohibited in city parks                                                 
  • Organized sports prohibited without a permit in city parks     
  • Metal Detectors prohibited without a permit in city parks      

The proposed amendments will provide a safe environment within the park system for all visitors and users.  Some of the rules include the ability to obtain permits for certain activities through either the Sparks Parks and Recreation Department or the Sparks Police Department.



This is a First Reading only.



Recommended Motion:

This is a First Reading.  No motion required.

Attached Files:
     Bill No 2727_Amending Chapter 12 24.pdf
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