Sparks City Council Meeting 7/11/2016 2:00:00 PM

    Monday, July 11, 2016 2:00 PM
    Council Chambers, Legislative Building, 745 Fourth Street, Sparks, NV

Planning and Zoning Public Hearings and Action Items: 11.1

Title: Public hearing, consideration of and possible action on a request for approval of an amendment to the Tentative Development Handbook for Kiley Ranch North, a Planned Development, to add a new area (38 acres), revise the development map, and other matters related thereto on a site approximately 875 acres in size in the NUD (New Urban District) zoning district generally located north of the Southern Division of Kiley Ranch, east of Pioneer Meadows Planned Development, south of Lazy 5 Regional Park and along Pyramid Highway, Sparks, NV. (PCN14038)
Petitioner/Presenter: KM2 Development Inc./Karen L. Melby, AICP
Recommendation: The Community Services Department and Planning Commission recommend approval of PCN14038; see motion below.
Financial Impact: N/A
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

The applicant is requesting an amendment to the tentative Kiley Ranch North Planned Development Handbook to add a new area (38 acres), revise the development map, and other matters related thereto.


On  March 18, 2004, the Planning Commission approved a Master Plan Amendment to amend the land use designation for the northern portion of Kiley Ranch property from Open Space(OS), 3 dwelling units per acres (3 du/ac),  4 dwelling units per acres (4 du/ac), 10 dwelling units per acres (10 du/ac); General Commercial (GC), Business Park (BP), and School/Park to Low-Medium Residential (LMR 5.0 - 7.9 DU/AC), Medium Residential (MR 6.0 - 11.9 DU/AC), Medium-High Residential (MHR 12.0 - 17.9 DU/AC), High Residential (HR 15.0 - 23.9 DU/AC), Community Commercial (CC), Neighborhood Commercial (NC), Arterial Commercial (AC), Village Center (VC), Office/Business Park (OBP), Business Park (BP), School/Park, Public/Institutional (PI), Neighborhood Park (NP) and Open Space (OS).

 On October 18, 2004, the City Council tentatively approved the Development Standards Handbook for Kiley Ranch North.  On January 12, 2005, the Regional Planning Commission found the project in conformance with the Regional Plan and approved a project of regional significance.

 In July 2004, a development agreement between the City of Sparks and Master Developer, Kayfam Corporation was approved. When Kiley Ranch North Planned Development was sold a new development agreement was signed and recorded in April 2013. This development agreement is between the City and master developer, KM2 Development, Inc. and property owner Rising Tides, LLC. This development agreement allows the Kiley Ranch North Planned Development to be reviewed and approved in phases.

 This request is the first amendment to the tentative planned development handbook for Kiley Ranch North. Per the Development Agreement, Kiley Ranch North Planned Development is processed differently than other planned developments in that the tentative handbook covers the entire planned development and as phases are to be developed a final handbook is approved and recorded for that phase. No development can occur until there is a recorded final handbook for that portion of Kiley Ranch North Planned Development.

 To date, there have been six phases of this planned development recorded. As the six phases have been reviewed and adopted, the standards and Land Use Map have changed. This tentative handbook reflects the current approved final development plans of the six final handbooks while it also modifies other provisions of the approved tentative handbook. The tentative handbook does not address any development and all development standards and infrastructure will be reviewed with final handbook.

 The Planning Commission reviewed the tentative planned handbook amendment for Kiley Ranch North on June 2, 2016. Prior to the public hearing,  staff received approximately 20 emails and phone calls expressing concern regarding the future extension of the Lazy Five Parkway. During the public hearing, twelve individuals including the owner of Sonoma Highlands Planned Development, spoke in opposition of the project, asking the City to require the roadway as a condition of approval in the tentative handbook. The testimony focused on the on-going dispute between the master developers of Kiley Ranch North and Sonoma Highlands, respectively regarding an access easement necessary to complete the planned extension of Lazy 5 Parkway on the west side of Pyramid Highway. The City believes this matter is between these private parties and that the City should not intervene.   The Planning Commission recommends approval of the amendments to the tentative planned development handbook for Kiley Ranch North. 


This request is to amend the Kiley Ranch North Planned Development tentative handbook. The amendments include:

  • Adding approximately 38 acres on the southeast portion of the planned development
  • Amending the street network to match the proposed and constructed plan
  • Reflecting the updated land uses, as approved in the six final handbooks
  • Eliminating Neighborhood Commercial Land Use
  • Combining the two neighborhood parks into one community park
  • Adding acreage to Low Medium Residential (LMR) land use of Village 37
  • Identifying Villages 17 and 18 as potential school site(s)
  • Added the medical campus use as permitted in the Community Commercial land use category
  • Adding the Mixed Use Residential land use designation
  • Removal of a School Site, formerly Village 43, and  designating it Medium Residential
  • Incorporating the new development standards from the six recorded phases
  • Removal of the Public/Institutional Land Use
  • Removal of infrastructure phasing

 The following is a summary table comparing the land uses and acreages in the approved tentative handbook and the proposed amendment.


Land Use Designation


Approved Tentative Handbook (gross acres)

Proposed Tentative Handbook (gross acres)





Low-Medium (4.0 – 7.9 du/ac)




Medium (6.0 – 11.9 du/ac)




Medium-High (12.0 – 17.9 du/ac)




High (18.0 – 23.9 du/ac)




Mixed Use Residential (5.0 – 23.9 du/ac)




Total Residential












Arterial Commercial




Community Commercial




Neighborhood Commercial




Village Center Commercial




Subtotal Commercial








Business Park




Office/Business Park




Subtotal Office/Business Park
















Neighborhood Park








Open Space




Subtotal Miscellaneous












Project Totals




 Comparing the approved tentative handbook and the proposed tentative handbook acreages, the total acreage has increased to 874.21 acres with the addition of the approximately 38 acres on the eastern portion of the planned development. This area adds approximately 18 acres to LMR, 9.42 acres for P and approximately 10 acres of open space. The total number of acres for residential land use has decreased by approximately 18 acres while the acreage for commercial has increased by approximately 34 acres. The total area for the business park land use has decreased by approximately 13 acres.

 At the request by the City, the master developer for Kiley Ranch North has combined the 2 smaller neighborhood parks into one community park. The City’s Park and Recreation Plan, adopted November 2013, established the policy to not develop new neighborhood parks and rather provide community parks.

 With the changes in the proposed tentative Kiley Ranch North Development Handbook, the estimated maximum number of units increases to 4,860 compared to the approved amount of 4,463 units. The notes for Table 1-1 state that the maximum number of units will remain at the original approved number of 4,463 units. The master developer is not requesting to increase the maximum number of units as part of this request.

 At the request of staff, the infrastructure phasing was removed because the majority of the infrastructure has been constructed and will be completed in conjunction with the development of each phase. The proposed tentative handbook provides the currently constructed infrastructure and the remaining infrastructure to be built. Timing will be subject to market conditions. As future phases are constructed, the infrastructure will be constructed.

 Washoe County School District is asking for approximately 38 acres for a combined elementary and middle school site. Exhibit 1-3 Kiley Ranch North Master Plan identifies the potential school sites as Villages 17 and 18.  The policies in the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan and City of Sparks do not allow construction of schools on arterials. Being located on Lazy Five Parkway, the ten acres school site (Village 44) cannot be developed as a school site. The School District must comply with the formal purchase process as described in NRS 278.346 before any school site is finally determined. This process has not yet been started.

 In 2004, when the Kiley Ranch North Tentative Planned Handbook was approved, the estimated ratio of jobs to housing was 1.6 jobs to 1 housing unit. The intent was to provide more jobs within Kiley Ranch North than housing units. The amendment includes some changes in the acreages for the commercial and business park. The commercial area has increased to 156.9 acres with the conversion of the neighborhood commercial and high residential to the land use community commercial, of which 40 acres is proposed to be a hospital.

 The commercial designation applies to 117.16 acres plus 40 acres for a hospital. The Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (TMRPA) uses a factor of 14.3 employees/acre for commercial uses which projects the generation of 1,679 jobs. The medical campus could generate 2,850 jobs using a factor of 9.5 employees per bed (application stated potential 300 beds). The business park designation has 128.9 acres and using the RTC factor of 28 employees per acre, it would generate 3,610 employees. The total number of projected employees in the areas designated as commercial, medical campus and business park is 8,139. Using the maximum number of units of 4,463 housing units, the estimated job to housing ratio is 1.8 jobs per housing unit.  The proposed Master Plan shows that 14.7 acres of the business park land use could be acquired by the school district. This could change the total number of business park jobs but a school will also be an employment site so for this analysis staff is assuming that there will be a comparable number of jobs generated. This amendment has the potential to increase the ratio of jobs to housing. 


 PDa   In what respects the plan is or is not consistent with the statement of objectives of a planned unit development.

 The goal of the Kiley Ranch North Planned Development Handbook is to provide for orderly, quality development. The guiding principles are efficient land use patterns, economic sustainability, and a distinct sense of place with people gathering places and neighborhood diversity. The plan is consistent with these goals in that it provides open space, a variety of housing types and enhances the job/housing balance for the Spanish Springs area.  This request is to amend the tentative handbook. As the planned development is built out there will be new phases and development plans will be reviewed at that time.

 PDb   The extent to which the plan departs from zoning and subdivision regulations, otherwise applicable to the property, including but not limited to density, bulk and use, and the reason why these departures are or are not deemed to be in the public interest.

 The Kiley Ranch North Planned Development housing densities provide for a larger range than zoning code of from 4.0 to 23.9 dwelling units per acre than Sparks Zoning Code. Based on the housing to jobs ratio of 1.8 jobs to 1 housing unit in the analysis section of this staff report, it is anticipated that the Kiley Ranch North will be an emerging regional commercial and employment center. This may reduce regional traffic by providing jobs in the Spanish Springs Valley.

 PDc    The ratio of residential to nonresidential use in the planned unit development.

 The approved tentative handbook had 44.37 percent residential and 55.63 percent nonresidential. The proposed handbook has residential area totals 354.53 acres which is 40.55 % of the 874.21 acres. The nonresidential land uses total 519.68 acres or 59.45%. This amendment does not substantially change the ratio between residential and nonresidential. With approval of this amendment, the maximum number of residential units remains at 4,463, as approved in 2004 tentative handbook.

 PDd   The purpose, location and amount of the common open space in the planned unit development, the reliability of the proposals for maintenance and conservation of the common open space, and the adequacy of the amount and purpose of the common open space as related to the proposed density and type of residential development.

 The proposed amendment does not change the combined amount of park and open space acreage provided by the planned development, at approximately 16%. This number does not include the open space provided in the streetscape, trail network and project landscaping. It is estimated that these areas will add a minimum of another 6%, which exceeds the minimum requirement of 20% dedicated open space. 

 PDe    The physical design of the plan and the manner in which the design does or does not make adequate provision for public services and utilities, provide adequate control over vehicular traffic, and further amenities of light, air, recreation and visual enjoyment.

 The Kiley Ranch North Planned Development provides detailed design standards ensuring the furtherance of access to light, air, recreation and visual enjoyment. The plan includes a community park and a network of regional trails for the recreational enjoyment of the residences. Chapter 4 of the tentative handbook addresses the infrastructure (e.g. open space, trails, sanitary sewer, potable water, storm water management and roadways). This chapter shows the infrastructure constructed to date and to be completed as the planned development builds out.

 PDf     The relationship, beneficial or adverse, of the proposed planned unit development to the neighborhood in which it is being proposed to be established. 

 The Kiley Ranch North Planned Development has been an approved planned development since 2004. Kiley Ranch North is one of the largest planned developments in Sparks and its build out is important to the future of the City. This planned development is designed to provide a variety of housing and jobs, with particular emphasis on generating a high ratio of jobs to housing.

 The City is aware of an on-going dispute between the master developer of Kiley Ranch North and master developer of Sonoma Highlands regarding an access easement necessary to complete the planned extension of Lazy 5 Parkway on the west side of Pyramid Highway. At this time, City staff believes that the matter is best resolved between the private parties and without City intervention.

 PDg   In the case of a plan which proposes development over a period of years, the sufficiency of the terms of conditions intended to protect the interests of the public, residents and owners of the planned unit development in the integrity of the plan.

 The proposed amendment maintains the integrity of the plan by retaining land uses that were originally approved in the handbook for Kiley Ranch North Planned Development while addressing the changes that have occurred as the planned development is building out, including the addition of a medical campus, arterial commercial and allowing mixed residential uses including assisted living.  The Kiley Ranch North Tentative Handbook guides development by providing standards regulating the character and quality of development while providing for the provision of community facilities, utilities and other infrastructure.

 There is an on-going dispute between the master developers of Kiley Ranch North and Sonoma Highlands regarding an access easement necessary to complete the planned extension of Lazy 5 Parkway on the west side of Pyramid Highway. City staff believes this matter is between the private parties and without City intervention. 


City Council may choose to not approve the amendment the Kiley Ranch North Tentative Planned Development Handbook or provide alternative direction to staff. 

Recommended Motion:

I move to approve the amendment to the Kiley Ranch North Tentative Planned Development Handbook associated with PCN14038, adopting Findings PDa through PDg and the facts supporting those Findings as set forth in the staff report.  

Attached Files:
     Kiley Phasing Map-revised 6-8-16.pdf
     PCN14038 Report of Action.pdf
     PC hearing comments.pdf
     KRN Tentative Handbook - 6-1-16.pdf
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