Sparks City Council Workshop - AMENDED (LOCATION CHANGE) 2/24/2015 8:30:00 AM

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015 8:30 AM
    Council Chambers, Legislative Bldg, 745 Fourth St., Sparks

Item Number: 3

Title: Review and discussion of the draft Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) for Fiscal years 2016 through 2020, including priorities and needs.
Petitioner/Presenter: Neil C. Krutz, P.E. - Deputy City Manager/Brian Cason, P.E., Capital Projects Manager
Recommendation: None
Financial Impact: N/A
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

Review and discussion of the Capital Improvement Plan, including priorities and needs. City staff has been working to identify and utilize appropriate funds available to maximize capital improvement within the City. The attached document include an overview of the proposed capital improvement projects categorized by fund/funding source, the vehicle replacement plan for Fiscal Year 2016-2020, and a draft of the five year plan. Projects slated for Fiscal Year 16 have been referenced by Project Number. Please note that all projects listed are subject to the City Manager’s recommendations and City Council approval of the final budget.


 Every year staff reviews the current adopted five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and updates it based upon changing priorities or infrastructure needs that have arisen in the past year.


The Capital Projects Manager meets with representatives from the various Departments and Divisions throughout the City to discuss the current plan and any new needs. Facilities projects are prioritized based on available funding in the following order:

1. Structural Integrity/Life Safety

2. Electrical/Mechanical

3. Disability Access/Grants

4. Functional Remodels

5. Remodels 

The attached Draft CIP is an accumulation of the various meetings and needs for the City’s Infrastructure.


1. The City Council could direct the City Manager to schedule the Draft CIP to be presented to Council for adoption.

2. The City Council could direct the City Manager to consider changes to the Draft CIP and present to Council for adoption.

Recommended Motion:


Attached Files:
     Draft CIP FY16-FY20.pdf
     CIP Presentation 5 YR 2016-2020 Final 2-20-15.pdf
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