Sparks City Council Meeting 1/26/2015 2:00:00 PM

    Monday, January 26, 2015 2:00 PM
    Council Chambers, Legislative Bldg., 745 4th St., Sparks

Consent Items: 8.3

Title: Consideration and possible adoption of Resolution No. 3273 to augment the FY15 Capital Projects, Special Revenue, Enterprise, and Internal Service Funds budgets of the City of Sparks to provide budget for capital projects approved, but not completed in FY14.
Petitioner/Presenter: Stacie Hemmerling, Budget Administrator/Stacie Hemmerling, Budget Administrator
Recommendation: That Council adopt the resolution as recommended by staff.
Financial Impact: $2,455,055 increase to FY15 appropriations in various Capital Projects Funds, the Muni Court Admin Assessment Special Revenue Fund, the Sewer Enterprise Fund, and the Motor Vehicle Maintenance Internal Service Fund.
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required. This is a rule but does not impose a direct and significant economic burden on a business, or directly restrict the formation, operation or exemption of a business.
Agenda Item Brief:

This item will allow for the re-appropriation of prior year budget authority for capital improvement projects that were approved in the FY14, and in two cases the FY13 Capital Improvement Plan, but not completed.  The procedures and requirements for budget augmentations are outlined in NRS 354.598005 and NAC 354.410.  The augmentation request meets those requirements.


Certain capital projects were approved on the FY14 and FY13 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), but were not completed in FY14, and the budget authority lapsed.  The FY15 budget will be augmented to re-appropriate those funds.  See Attachment A for a list of the specific projects.


The provisions of NRS 354.598005(1) govern the procedures and requirements for augmenting or amending a budget; given that anticipated resources available exceed those estimated.  Available resources are defined in NAC 354.410, and include unappropriated ending fund balances of Capital Projects Funds and an opening balance which is larger than anticipated in a Special Revenue Fund.   Now that the FY14 audit is complete, we have determined that sufficient resources are available for this augmentation.


Per NRS 354.598005(4) and NAC 354.481, an Enterprise Fund or Internal Service Fund may be augmented if “expenses do not cause a deficit in the equity balance of the fund.”  This augmentation will not cause a deficit in the equity balance of the Sewer Enterprise Fund or the Motor Vehicle Maintenance Internal Service Fund.


To augment the budgets, NRS 354.598005 requires the governing board adopt a resolution providing for the augmentations.  This requirement applies to all fund types.  NAC 354.420 requires a “Revised Revenue Schedule” (included as Attachment B1 though B5 with this agenda item) be submitted along with the resolution to the State of Nevada Department of Taxation.  This requirement applies only to Governmental Fund Types.  Enterprise and Internal Service fund augmentations, per NRS 354.598005(4), do not require the submission to the Nevada Department of Taxation.   Therefore, there is no “Revised Revenue Schedule” included for the Sewer Enterprise Fund or the Motor Vehicle Maintenance Internal Service Fund .


In order to complete these previously approved CIP projects and not violate NRS budgeting requirements, it is necessary to augment the FY15 budget.  Resources are available in the applicable funds.  Attached is a resolution to augment the City’s Capital Projects funds, one Special Revenue Fund (Muni Court Admin Assessment Fund), one Enterprise Fund (Sewer) and one Internal Service Fund (Motor Vehicle Maintenance).


Augmentation of the Governmental Funds’ budgets will be effective upon delivery of an executed copy of the resolution to the Department of Taxation.  Delivery must be before June 30, 2015.  Augmentation of the Enterprise and Internal Service Fund budgets will be effective upon Council approval of the resolution.


Council could decide not to adopt the resolution to augment the FY15 budget.  This could cause expenditures in the funds to exceed appropriations, and would therefore be a violation of NRS 354.626.  The violation would be noted in the audited financial statements.


Council could decide to adopt the resolution to augment the FY15 budget and provide necessary appropriations for the previously approved, prior year CIP projects.

Recommended Motion:

I move to adopt Resolution No. 3273 to augment the FY15 Capital Projects Funds, Special Revenue Fund, Enterprise Fund and Internal Service Fund budgets.

Attached Files:
     FY15 PY CIP Budget Augmentation Attachments.pdf
     FY15 Resolution - PY CIP augmentation.pdf
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