Sparks City Council Meeting 5/28/2013 2:00:00 PM

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013 2:00 PM
    City Council Chambers, Legislative Building, 745 Fourth St, Sparks, NV

Consent Items: 5.4

Title: Consideration and possible acceptance of a purchase of in-car video cameras from WatchGuard in the amount of $166,389.00
Petitioner/Presenter: Brian Allen, Acting Chief of Police/Brian Allen, Acting Chief of Police
Recommendation: Accept purchase of in-car cameras from WatchGuard
Financial Impact: 4166,389.00 covered under Drug Forfeiture budget (non-general fund)
Total Costs: $166,389.00
Fund: Sparks Grants & Donations Fund    Account: 604070
Program: Federal Drug Forfeitures CFDA 16.922 (091002)
Amount: $166,389.00    Budget Status: Budget Exists
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief: The Police Department performed a research process for the purchase on an in-car camera solution. Through this process, WatchGuard video was selected as the preferred in-car camera solution for the Sparks Police Department.

Background: The Sparks Police Department is purchasing in-car video cameras. In car technology has increased over the past decade to the level where the cameras are less intrusive to the driver, the downloading and storage capabilities are user friendly and the image quality has improved. Sparks Police personnel have attended several technology expos and conferences with the intent to narrow the selection process to several vendors for a designated test and evaluation period. Based on the in-conference results, three vendors were selected to provide an in-house demonstration and to provide a demo unit for a select group of officers to test. The three selected vendor were Coban, Panasonic and WatchGuard. Each vendor was given an opportunity to present their product to the command staff, information technology personnel and select officers. Each vendor was then given the opportunity to set up their in-car video system in a marked unit for a designated period of time for field testing.

Analysis: All three vendors presented their product before the selection committee. Coban did not initially provide a unit for field testing. Addition attempts were made to Coban and based on unresponsiveness, Coban was no longer considered for the project. The two remaining vendors, Panasonic and WatchGuard both presented their product to the selection committee and provide a sample of their in-car camera solution for field testing. The testing period was approximately 4 weeks for each camera system. Based on the following, WatchGuard was selected as the preferred in-car camera solution for the Sparks Police Department: • Service responsiveness from WatchGuard staff • Design and features of the microphone • Range of microphone outside of vehicle and into buildings • Simple/easy to learn and use • High definition video • IT/Service support • Record after the fact feature • Successful deployment at the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office WatchGuard is the sole provider for the WatchGuard system and does not use any independent distributors (please see attached sole source letter). WatchGuard has recently won a competitive bid through the State of Montana and the pricing/features offered reference this source contract. The costs associated to the Sparks Police Department quote are lower than the competitive bid. The City of Sparks would be utilizing the “joinder” provision allowed under NRS 332.195, allowing for the use of another government agency contract, foregoing the requirement to bid the product ourselves.

Alternatives: The Council can deny the purchase of the WatchGuard in-car camera solution utilizing the joinder process and require the City to formally bid the purchase of in-car cameras for the Police Department.

Recommended Motion: I move to accept the proposed quote and purchase the in-car camera solution in the amount of $166,389.00 from WatchGuard.

Attached Files:
     WatchGuard - 4RE Proposal Sparks PD Final.pdf
     WatchGuard - Sole Source Letter.pdf
     WatchGuard - State of Montana Term Contract Price Reduction Letter.pdf
     WatchGuard -- Amendment No. 2 - Fully Executed.pdf
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