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Sparks City Council Meeting 5/26/2020 2:00:00 PM

Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/92302995013
Meeting Dial-in #: 1-669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 923 0299 5013

General Business: 9.10

Title: Consideration, discussion and possible approval of the "Together, We See Sparks" Creative Placemaking Plan for Victorian Square
Petitioner/Presenter: Tracy Domingues, Parks & Recreation Director/Francine Burge, Special Event Supervisor
Recommendation: Approval of the "Together, We See Sparks" Creative Placemaking Plan for Victorian Square
Financial Impact: Budget authority is available for FY21 for $175,000
Total Costs: $175,000.00
Fund: Victorian Square Rm Tax CP Fund    Account: 603242
Program: 1415 Victorian Square Arts and Culture Project (21-2103)
Amount: $150,000.00    Budget Status: Over Budget (See Budget Correction Plan)
Fund: Parks & Recreation Fund    Account: 603242
Program: Public Art (121235)
Amount: $25,000.00    Budget Status: Budget Exists
Budget Correction Plan:
Budget for this project is included in the FY21 Capital Improvement Plan and in the Final FY21 budget being considered by Council on May 26, 2020. Therefore, no work will be performed on this project until after July 1, 2020,
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

"Together, We See Sparks" Creative Placemaking Plan for Victorian Square was created with the support of a committee of local residents and stakeholders along with input from the public through a yearlong public input campaign. Major elements of the plan include a description of Victorian Square, development challenges, a description of what art should accomplish in Victorian Square, recommendations, and the artist selection process. The plan focuses on Victorian Square but is designed so funding and policy recommendations will be considered citywide as the community engages artists and designers in the future development of Sparks. This plan will be implemented over five (5) years.


In 2015, the City of Sparks began one of the largest redevelopment projects in its history in downtown Victorian Square.  Planned for completion by 2022, a six-square-block area of downtown Sparks called Victorian Square will be transformed into housing, new restaurants and retail spaces, an event venue, a central plaza and gathering space. The city has allocated funding for a new streetscape with a portion allocated for art, set in Capital Improvement Projects in FY21.

To leverage the arts, culture, and creativity to help drive this change, growth and transformation, the city was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grant in 2016 to create an art master plan for the area. The project is called: Together, We See Sparks.

The project utilized consultants, artists, volunteers and surveys to illicit input on the art for downtown. The accomplishment of the project is the “Together, We See Sparks” Creative Placemaking Plan for Victorian Square. This plan gives the city a road map to begin to incorporate art into the downtown district.


The plan includes these short-term recommendations:

  1. Produce a temporary public art program in Victorian Square;
  2. Commission a permanent work of public art in Victorian Square;
  3. Establish a public art program and establish public art policy and procedures;
  4. Provide a realistic human resource plan to implement programming strategies;  
  5. Arts and Culture Advisory Committee to implement the master plan and make recommendations about the arts; and  
  6. Re-evaluate the special events in Victorian Square and make recommendations based on the Victorian Square Master Plan.

The mid-to-long-term recommendations are:

  1. Develop temporary public art programming;
  2. Create an artist/designer-in-residence program in partnership with Victorian Square developers and Sierra Arts Foundation;
  3. Create gathering places for people to enjoy art and community interaction;
  4. Reinforce Victorian Square as the center of Sparks’ art and culture district with branding and signage; and
  5. Create opportunities for community education as every art project or program is developed.


1. Council may approve the "Together, We See Sparks" Creative Placemaking Plan for Victorian Square.

2. Council may not approve "Together, We See Sparks" Creative Placemaking Plan for Victorian Square and provide further direction to the City Manager

Recommended Motion:

I move to approve the "Together, We See Sparks" Creative Placemaking Plan for Victorian Square.

Attached Files:
     VS TWSS Plan Presentation Council.pptx
     VS TOGETHER CP Plan Draft.pdf
     Public Comment Item 9.10.pdf

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