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Sparks City Council Meeting 7/23/2018

Consent Items: 8.3

Title: Consideration, discussion and possible approval of a construction contract (AC-5492) for the Truckee River Bike Path Rehabilitation Project Base Quote in the amount of $72,500 to Apex Grading and Paving Inc.
Petitioner/Presenter: John Martini, P.E., Community Services Director/Brian Cason, P.E., S.E., Capital Projects Manager
Recommendation: Staff recommends Council approve a contract for the Truckee River Bike Path Rehabilitation Project.
Financial Impact: $72,500 in Capital Projects Fund 1402. $100,000 was approved for Project 18-1690 Bike Path Rehabilitation Project in the FY18 CIP and $77,743.36 of budget authority remains.
Total Costs: $72,500.00
Fund: Park & Recreation Project Fund    Account: 603190
Program: 1402 Parks & Rec - Bike Path Rehab (18-1690)
Amount: $72,500.00    Budget Status: Budget Exists
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

This project will consist of grinding 13,700 square feet of existing asphalt concrete pathway and placing 3” of new asphalt concrete from the Eastern edge of the North Truckee Drain Pathway Bridge heading east approximately 1,500 lineal feet.  Staff recommends approval.


Council approved the FY 18 CIP budget with $100,000 approved for bike path rehabilitation.  This project benefits the community by providing a safe and enjoyable bike path for the citizens who use the path throughout the year.  The City’s engineering staff evaluates the Truckee River bike path regularly and has determined the area between the North Truckee Drain Pathway Bridge heading easterly along the Larkin Circle levee is the highest priority area in need of rehabilitation.  


The scope of work involves pulverization of the existing bike path, regrading, compaction, placement of 3” of new asphalt, and yellow centerline striping to maintain a 10’ wide pathway for the first 200 lineal feet and reducing to a 9’ wide pathway the next 1,300 lineal feet due to the width of the existing levee.  An Alternate to construct an additional 1,800 square feet was included in the quote.

Three (3) quotes were received on June 15, 2018 as a result of the informal quote process.  Staff has reviewed the quotes, found no irregularities, and recommends award to the base quote only submitted by Apex Grading and Paving, in the amount of $72,500, which includes a force account of $2,000.  The Alternate for an additional 1,800 square feet exceeds the available budget.  A quote recap is provided below and a map showing the limits of construction are attached for Council’s review.

                                                                        Base                Alternate

•          Apex Grading and Paving Inc.             $72,500           $8,910

•          Spanish Springs Construction             $76,595           $9,000

•          SNC                                                     $82,790           $10,260


1.         City Council could award the contract as outlined by Staff.

2.         City Council could reject the contract and provide direction to the City Manager.

Recommended Motion:

I move to approve the construction contract for the Truckee River Bike Path Rehabilitation Project Base Quote in the amount of $72,500 to Apex Grading and Paving Inc.

Attached Files:
     01 - 2018 Truckee River Bike Path Recon - Figure 1.pdf
     02 - Apex Contract-Bike Path Reconstruction.pdf

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