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Sparks City Council Meeting 1/8/2018

General Business: 9.2

Title: Consideration, discussion and possible approval of re-activating the city's membership in the National League of Cities for calendar year 2018 with a dues payment not to exceed $7,816 and direction to the City Manager to identify funding for this unbudgeted expense.
Petitioner/Presenter: Stephen W. Driscoll, ICMA-CM/Stephen W. Driscoll, ICMA-CM
Recommendation: The Council approves the request to re-activate membership in the National Leauge of Cities for calendar year 2018.
Financial Impact: $7,816.00
Total Costs: $7,816.00
Fund: General Fund    Account: 603160
Program: City Manager Administration (050100)
Amount: $7,816.00    Budget Status: Over Budget (See Budget Correction Plan)
Budget Correction Plan:
Based on Council request, the City Manager will be required to identify funds to cover the unbudgeted expense amount being requested.
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

Members of the Council recently attend the National League of Cities Annual Conference. Based on the conference's programs and educational opportunities a discussion on the benefit of re-activating the city's membership in the NLC is desired. This agenda item seeks approval of reactivating the city's membership and providing direction to the City Manager to identify funding for the payment of the annual dues to the NLC for the calendar year 2018. The calculation of the 2018 annual dues payment is not expected to exceed $7,816.

If approved, Council members would be able to attend NLC sponsored training classes, future conferences, and participate in Committees or Sub-Committees for which the city may generate a benefit in future city policy making decisions.


The City of Sparks had an annual membership with the National League of Cities (NLC) from 1988-1990, and 2002-2011. Due to the economic downturn the number of memberships with local, state and national organizations had to be limited. Members of the Council are suggesting to consider re-joining the NLC.


The NLC is a resource and advocate for the nation’s cities and their leaders.

The NLC was founded in December 1924 by 10 state municipal leagues that saw the need for a national organization to strengthen local government.

Today, more than 1,600 cities, towns, and villages of all sizes are NLC members and another 18,000 communities participate through their state municipal leagues. Local elected leaders from even the smallest cities now have an opportunity to shape the priorities, policies, and advocacy positions of the organization.  With the door to leadership and participation open to all local elected officials, NLC is now as diverse as the communities it serves.

The NLC is dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities. Working in partnership with the 49 state municipal leagues, NLC serves as a resource to and an advocate for the more than 19,000 cities, villages and towns it represents.

The NLC believes in:

  • Representative, participatory local government.
  • Local government as the cornerstone of government in the United States.
  • The value of public service.
  • The value of diversity throughout our organization and our communities.
  • Municipal authority over municipal issues.
  • A commitment to the highest ethical standards among all public officials.
  • Civility and mutual respect.
  • Anticipating the needs of communities and developing strategies to meet those needs and improve the quality of life.
  • Partnerships, coalitions and collaborations to strengthen cities and our advocacy efforts.

NLC’s Strategic Plan Goals

  • Proactively drive federal policy on behalf of cities, on issues that directly impact them.
  • Promote innovation and provide proven strategies and valuable resources that address the challenges cities face.
  • Raise the profile of city governments as key leaders and partners in improving the quality of life for our nation.
  • Expand the capacity of city officials to serve as ethical, effective and engaged leaders.
  • Achieve our mission and goals through an organizational structure that is aligned, nimble, accountable and transparent.

The 49 state municipal leagues occupy a special position within the NLC. As founding members of NLC, they continue to play an important role guiding the organization's priorities and serving as a link to cities in their state. Through intense collaboration, the state municipal leagues and NLC work to guide federal policy on issues that matter most to cities, share valuable resources with each other and promote innovation in municipal government.

Programs worth drawing your attention to include:

  • NLC’s Service Line Warranty Program can help your residents overcome the financial drain when water/sewer lines break on their property, and it potentially can generate revenue for the city’s coffers.
  • Grant Access is an online library of 8,000 federal, state, and foundation grants that cities can apply for. You can maximize its efficiency by setting up alerts to receive automatic notification when new grants become available.
  • NLC’s Prescription Discount Program provides discounts at over 70,000 pharmacies around the country. Discounts average 24% and would be available to anyone who lives in Sparks.


1.  The Council could approve re-activating the city's membership to the National League of Cities for the 2018 calendar year with a dues payment not to exceed $7,816. If approved, this action would require the City Manager to identify funding for this unbudgeted expense.

2. The Council could choose to not approve re-activating the city's membership to the National League of Cities.

2. The Council could choose to not approve re-activating the city's membership to the National League of Cities and provide other direction on this matter to the City Manager.

Recommended Motion:

I move to approve re-activating the city's membership in the National League of Cities for calendar year 2018 with a dues payment not to exceed $7,816 and direct the City Manager to identify funding for this unbudgeted expense.

Attached Files:
     Natl League of Cities Info Sheet.pdf
     Natl League of Cities Invoice for Sparks NV.pdf

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