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Sparks City Council Meeting 6/27/2016

Planning and Zoning Public Hearings and Action Items: 11.1

Title: PCN15067 - Consideration and possible certification of a Master Plan Amendment to change the land use designation from TC (Tourist Commercial) to I (Industrial) on a site approximately 4.32 acres in size located at 350 Galletti Way, Sparks, NV.
Petitioner/Presenter: Cemex Construction Materials Pacific, LLC/Ian Crittenden, Senior Planner
Recommendation: The Community Services Department recommends approval of PCN15067; see suggested motion below.
Financial Impact: N/A
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

This is a request by Cemex Construction Materials Pacific, LLC to amend the Master Plan land use designation on a site approximately 4.32 acres in size located at 350 Galletti Way from TC (Tourist Commercial) to I (Industrial).  The site is located across Galletti way from the current Cemex concrete batch plant location in Reno.


Cemex currently operates a concrete batch plant at 333 Galletti Way in Reno.  The site that is the subject of this application is locate directly across Galletti Way in Sparks.  The Sparks site is currently operated as a material and general storage site for the concrete batch plant across the street.

Cemex would like to replace their existing plant with a new plant.  As part of this project Cemex is proposing to remove the existing plant from the Reno site (which is smaller) and construct a new plant across the street at 350 Galletti Way in Sparks. 

The subject site has a Master Plan land use designation of TC (Tourism Commercial), which does not allow a concrete plant.  Cemex is proposing to amend the Master Plan land use designation to I (Industrial).      

The required neighborhood meeting was held on February 16, 2016. There were two neighbors in attendance.  No objections were raised about the change of the Master Plan Land Use to Industrial or the potential relocation of the concrete batch plant to the Sparks site.  Concerns from the neighbors were about dust created by the current operation of the Cemex concrete batch plant across the street in Reno.

At their March 3, 2016 meeting, the Sparks Planning Commission voted to forward a recommendation of approval to the Sparks City Council. The Master Plan Amendment was found in conformance with the Regional Plan by the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Commission on May 11, 2016.   

A companion rezoning request has been submitted by the applicant for this site.


This site has operated as parking and storage for the concrete plant across the street since 1997 (Valley Concrete at that time).  Development of the Sparks site as a concrete plant will not be in addition to but in replacement of the plant on the Reno side of the street.  As such, while the traffic pattern may change to some degree, traffic volume should not change significantly. 

The existing land use (TC) is not being utilized for its intended purposes.  A transition to Industrial land use is logical due to the Industrial properties adjacent in Reno and nearby location of the NDOT construction yard. 

Traffic concerns have been voiced by both City staff as well as NDOT.  The Assertion by the applicant is that they will not increase traffic from its existing level.  Site planning issues of how the plant may operate if and when it is relocated to the Sparks site will be thoroughly discussed during an Administrative Review process which will be required before any new construction would be allowed.     


Finding M1. The proposed Master Plan amendment would be in conformance with the Regional Plan land use/intensity designation.

The Truckee Meadows Regional Plan Goals and Policies relevant to this project are:

Goal 1.1 Between 2007 and 2030, at least 99% of the region’s population growth and 99% of the region’s jobs growth will be located in the Truckee Meadows Service Areas (TMSA).

The site is located within the Sparks TMSA and is in the City of Sparks.  The propose amendment to the Master Plan Land Use Map would allow jobs to move into Sparks and retained in the TMSA.

Goal 3.5  The Regional Plan will coordinate the master plans, facilities plans, and other similar plans of local governments and affected entities to ensure that necessary public facilities and services to support new development are or will be available and adequate at the time the impacts of new development occur (i.e., concurrency).

This site is in a developed part of Sparks and as such the needed infrastructure for this kind of development is already in place.  Any improvements needed for this specific development will be determined upon review of the site development application and will be the responsibility of the developer to install. 

Finding M2. The Master Plan amendment would implement the goals listed within the Sparks Master Plan as listed in the staff report.

The Land Use Plan Goals and Policies relevant to this proposal include:

GOAL LU5:       To support land uses and development that assures an appropriate balance of population, housing, and employment distribution within the City.

POLICY LU5a.   The City will encourage land uses and development which maintains a balance of population, housing and employment within the urban and emerging areas.


This site is located with convenient access to Interstate 80. Industrial uses, such as a concrete batch plant, benefit from access to major transportation infrastructure like I-80.  The site’s location also makes it accessible for current and prospective employees both its location near I-80 and its location on a bus route.  This site is not ideally situated for a residential or Tourism Commercial use.

Finding M3. The Master Plan Amendment would be compatible with surrounding land uses.

The surrounding land uses and Zoning are summarized in the table below:




Land Use / Zoning




TC (Tourism Commercial), TOD-MUC (Transit Oriented Development – Mixed Use Commercial) / TC (Tourism Commercial), MUD (Mixed Use District)



PF (Public Facilities District) / PF (Public Facility)




PF (Public Facilities District) / PF (Public Facility)




Reno East 4th TOD / Reno MUE4 (Mixed Use East 4th)  

This site abuts the Department of Motor Vehicles facility to the south, the existing concrete plant site to the west, and I-80 to the north.  An industrial use adjacent to these uses is compatible as they are similar in intensity of use. While the PF land use and zoning district are often associated with parks and other public facilities the land use and zoning typically indicates that the property is owned and managed by a public agency, in this case the State of Nevada.  That being the case, the compatibility of having an Industrial use adjacent to a public facility depends on the actual uses.  In this case, staff does not view these uses as incompatible.

The proposed change from Tourism Commercial to an Industrial designation would allow an existing business to relocate across Galletti from Reno to Sparks.  Since the Sparks site has long been used for industrial purposes changing the Land Use would formalize what already exists. 

FINDING M4: Public notice was given and a public hearing held per the requirements of Nevada Revised Statutes and Sparks Municipal Code.

Public notice was given.  The Planning Commission and City Council meetings function as public hearings for this matter.  The Nevada Revised Statutes and Sparks Municipal Code public hearing requirements have been met. The Neighborhood Meeting required by NRS 278.210 was held on February 16, 2016.


The City Council may remand this item back to the Sparks Planning Commission with directions. 

Recommended Motion:

I move to approve the Master Plan Amendment associated with PCN15067, based on the findings M1 through M4, and the facts supporting these findings as set forth in the staff report.

Attached Files:

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