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Sparks City Council Meeting 2/9/2015

Consent Items: 8.3

Title: Consideration and possible approval of an amendment to the reimbursement agreement with the City of Reno for the Sparks’ share of their contract with HDR Inc. for design of the Nitrification Trickling Filter Valve Vault project at TMWRF in the amount of $18,114.29.
Petitioner/Presenter: Neil C. Krutz, P.E. – Deputy City Manager/Michael Drinkwater, P.E. – TMWRF Plant Manager
Recommendation: Staff recommends City Council approve Sparks’ share of the amendment to the contract between the City of Reno and HDR for the Nitrification Trickling Filters Valve Vaults project at TMWRF.
Financial Impact: There is no impact to the General Fund. As this is a continuing FY 2013-2014 project, appropriations will be augmented from either fund equity in the Utilities fund grouping or from savings from projects contained in the adopted 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the City of Sparks, beginning with FY 2014-2015. The City of Reno will enter into Amendment #1 of the consulting agreement with HDR Engineering in an amount of $57,744.00 and will administer the project, Project # I100070-2214. Reimbursement will be sought from the City of Sparks for its share of expenses up to $18,114.29 through the current cost sharing agreement for TMWRF capital projects, based on the ownership of TMWRF with the City of Reno being 68.63% and Sparks being 31.37%, as illustrated in the attached Table 1. Expenses will post to account 604090, TMWRF Construction, using CIP 14-6600C, TMWRF Nitrification Below Ground Valve Improvements Project.
Total Costs: $18,114.29
Fund: Sanitary Sewer Cap Proj Fund    Account: 604090
Program: TMWRF Nitrification Valves & Vaults Improvement Project Ph. 1 (14-6600C)
Amount: $18,114.29    Budget Status: Over Budget (See Budget Correction Plan)
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

TMWRF staff is asking the City Council to approve an amendment to the reimbursement agreement to the City of Reno with HDR Inc. in the amount of up to $18,114.29 for the Nitrification Trickling Filter Valve Vault project at TMWRF.


TMWRF operates six nitrifying filters (NTF’s) as part of the nitrogen removal process. This is a very critical stage of TMWRF’s treatment process and all six NTF’s must be operational for TMWRF meet the discharge permit nitrogen limits mandated by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). TMWRF originally requested that the project design scope be to replace the aging control valves for the NTF’s and also house the new valves in full access vaults. Through detailed design it was determined that the construction process necessary to retrofit the control valves for the NTF’s would be extremely complex requiring vaults in excess of 20-ft. deep and working around existing 24-36 in. diameter piping which must remain operationally active through the construction. Bids received for the project incorporating designs for full access vaults revealed the cost for the individual vaults to exceed $200,000 in some cases.  After review of the bids it was determined that properly engineered, direct-bury valves would serve the needs of the treatment plant.

HDR was directed to prepare new plans with direct bury valves.  This redirection will result in additional design tasks and the current proposed contract amendment, however, the ultimate construction is expected to be significantly less expensive that the original vault design.


The City of Reno will administer the contract and will be reimbursed for a portion of the costs by the City of Sparks through the Sparks – Reno cost sharing agreement for TMWRF.  The City of Reno and the City of Sparks share the cost for this project based upon their ownership of TMWRF, which is 68.63% for Reno and 31.37% for Sparks. Based on the ownership percentages, Sparks’ share is up to $18,114.29.  The cost split between Reno and Sparks is shown in Table 1, attached.


Council could direct the manager to have staff provide other alternatives.

Recommended Motion:

I move to approve the amendment to the reimbursement agreement with the City of Reno for the Sparks’ share of a contract for engineering design services with HDR, Inc. an amount not to exceed $18,114.29.

Attached Files:
     Table 1.pdf
     City of Reno Staff Report-Nitrif Valve Replacements.pdf
     TMWRF NTF Valve Replacements - Contract Amendment with HDR Scope.pdf

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