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Sparks City Council Workshop 11/18/2013

Item Number: 3

Title: Presentation, discussion and possible approval to adopt the Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan
Petitioner/Presenter: Tracy Domingues, Parks & Recreation Director/Cindy Mendoza, MIG Project Manager; Lauren Schmitt, Principal; and Tracy Domingues, Parks and Recreation Director
Recommendation: That City Council approve the Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan as presented.
Financial Impact: N/A
Business Impact (Per NRS 237):
A Business Impact Statement is not required because this is not a rule.
Agenda Item Brief:

Since the beginning of the planning process, the Parks and Recreation Commission and various city staff members have provided guidance in the development of the Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan.


On October 2, 2013, Parks and Recreation Commission members reviewed and voted to approve the Draft Plan with the following revisions:

1. Revise the inventory Table A-2 in Appendix A to identify the facilities considered joint use with the Washoe County School District. Add these sites to the park system maps.

2. Add a recommendation to Section 6-3 in Chapter 5 (p. 73) to consider all options to provide soccer/multi-use sport fields within the McCarran Loop for easy access and to respond to changing demographics in this section of town. Acknowledge that implementing the sport field guidelines should take into account joint use facilities with the WCSD, but also address needs where older parks and a lack of funding mechanisms will make the provision of sports fields a challenge.

3. Reclassify Fisherman’s Park as a greenbelt and eliminate the recommendation for renovation.

4. Change the verbiage in Recommendation 1-2 in Chapter 5 (p. 35) to allow flexibility for implementation: “Identify a fee policy and pricing structure to guide the implementation of recreation programs, events and services.”

5. In Appendix D (Capital Project List), revise the cost formula for Victorian Square to identify more funds for renovating this venue, due to its size, hardscape, landscape and infrastructure needs (electrical and water). With these changes, the Parks and Recreation Commission recommends that the City Council adopt the Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan to guide the City of Sparks in the future.


The Final Plan will be revised to reflect these changes and any Council requested edits. Thank you for your time and support of the Parks and Recreation Department.


City Council may approve the plan with stated revisions or recommendations. City Council may approve the plan as presented by staff.

Recommended Motion: I move to approve the Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan as presented by staff.

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